Friday, March 9, 2012

The Classics Club

Jillian @ A Room of One's Own just began The Classics Club. Of course, as I soon as I heard about it, I couldn't help but join in and set up another challenge for myself. I'm a book challenge addict.

For the club, you can pick 50+ classic novels and set a goal for yourself to read all the classics off that list within a five-year period. I just plan to list all of the classics I've been interested in reading for a while, including rereads, as well as books by authors I've enjoyed in the past. You can check out my club list of books on The Classics Club page that I created specifically for this challenge.

I've been reading so much Young Adult over the past few years, and I 'm really looking forward to this change in my reading. I devoured classics in high school and I want to get back to them and just read them for enjoyment again instead of having to analyze everything about them like I've been doing in all of my literature classes. Now that I'm graduating in May, it's the perfect time to get back to reading the classics for fun! Whoo! :)


  1. I love the classics and enjoy mixing up the genres I read. I have been on a bit of a YA kick myself. This week I am reading back to back adult fiction. Enjoy and good luck with the challenge.

  2. Hi Kayla! There are so many great books on your list. I'm especially excited for you to read Sense & Sensibility. That's one of my favorites.

    Have fun with this!! :D

    - jill

  3. I love your list! We have quite a few the same and I've seen soo many more here that I wish I'd included, especially The Phantom of the Opera. I've been meaning to read that for so long.

    Bree @ All The Books I Can Read (had to go anonymous as blogger wouldn't let me comment under my ID!)

  4. I'm really looking forward to reading Daphne Du Maurier myself. I haven't read any of her texts yet (tragedy!) so I added Rebecca to my Classics Club list. I've also heard fantastic things about Jamaica Inn from a friend. :)