Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring 2015 Readathon (Update #1)

Mid Event Survey:

1. What are you reading right now?

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick (Amaaaazing! Loving it!). If you're into audio books, this book has a great one - the narrator is so funny!

2. How many books have you read so far?

I read 1 whole book(!) (Among the Hidden) from start to finish (153 pages) and now I'm finishing up DG&DP, which I was already halfway through before the readathon.

3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the readathon?

The One and Only Ivan - I've been wanting to read that one for a while - and it looks like it'll be a really quick read, so maybe it'll help me feel like I actually accomplished something in this readathon. 

I've also been thinking about reading Koko Be Good because it's kind of been a readathon tradition of mine to read at least 1 graphic novel (I do plan on finishing Blankets today, but I only have about 100 pages left of that one, so I'm not sure that counts . . .)


4. Have you had many interruptions?

A few - I went to go get my car serviced today, and I went into work to make up some hours, but I mostly read during those times ;)

5. What surprises you most about the readathon, so far?

No surprises, so far - I knew from past experience in the 24-hour readathon that I wouldn't get much reading done in the first half. Nightime's my best time for reading!


  1. It sounds like you are having a great Readathon! I will be interested to see what you think of The One and Only Ivan. I've heard wonderful things!

    I'm glad you rock at reading at night! Keep on reading!


  2. That is quite an interesting title, and sounds like a great book! (Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie that is!) Happy readathon.