Saturday, October 13, 2012

Read-a-Thon Hours 7-12

Hours 7-11:

After my disastrous beginning, I am now finally starting my second book, The Christmas Ghost. I probably won't start participating in mini-challenges or do much online for another few hours so that I can try and catch up. I want to at least finish this book first and be into another before I distract myself. Off I go!

Update: I finished The Christmas Ghost (186 pages) and it was a wonderful, quick read! A perfect holiday book! I'm watching Halloweentown High with my mother right now, so I think I'll finish watching it while participating in mini-challenges and visiting other blogs for the next hour (Hour 12). I'll start my next book in Hour 13--not sure what it'll be just yet.

Hour 12:

Joystory's Literacy Mini-Challenge

This picture reminded me of myself when I was first learning tor read. Or, technically, it reminded me of stories my mom told me about myself, since I don't really remember it that clearly. She would tell me how everyday when I came home from kindergarten, I would head straight to my room and get a pile of books (The Berenstain Bears and Little Critters were my favorites) and sit there for hours teaching myself to read from them. She said I looked like I wasn't really having fun but was just absolutely determined to learn. I can't say for sure if I actually enjoyed myself during those moments or not, but I know that I loved reading as early as age 7 and that my love of reading has continued to this day. :)

Marking Books Mini-Challenge

Option 2: I'm always taking the free bookmarks that my libraries offer at the desk. I used to have about two dozen, but since I came home after graduating from college, I seem to have lost most of them. I only have about 6 library bookmarks now and a couple of fancier bookmarks with tassels that I bought. I have no idea what happened to all the others. I love to have a large variety because I like to try and match my bookmark to the cover of my book if I can (either by color or theme--example, if I'm reading a sci-fi novel I choose a bookmark with stars on it or something).

When I can't find a bookmark, I usually use a business card that I see lying around or my library receipt, but I tend to swap those out for real bookmarks as soon as I can.

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  1. Yay, hope you're far into The Christmas Ghost. Or maybe finished already? I'm sure you can do it. It's great that you already completed Gatsby. Keep going!

    Team Snickers!